Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Golden Moment #1

I love fresh tomato sandwiches; so much so, that I eat them despite the fact that I get that dreaded little but painful acid bump on my tongue. If you have never experienced this...it is very painful, but I love them and I suffer through it! I had thought that I'd finally found the answer to my dilemma this morning when someone very dear to me (I dare not name names), told me "why don't you put a condom on your tongue?" I thought for a mere second and said to him...well I don't do that for the same reason a man hates to wear a condom during sex. Dang...finally I can relate....go figure!


  1. lol...

    i love tomato sandwiches as well, or just pop em in my mouth [littler ones! :O], the more ripe, the better... and no, i don't get the acidic reaction on my tongue you do ;)

  2. the things i find you write....lol just thinking of you, hope you are alright (i know you wrote this sometime ago, hopefully you'll see the comment eventually.