Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Hey, I am a mom after all!

Babies are cute and cuddly, they emit an essence of pure sweetness. I love how they nestle themselves close with a tiny ear to your chest being nurtured by the rhythm and sound of our heartbeat. I got to experience that scenario with my nieces and nephews; I would have loved to have had one of my own. Nonetheless, I became a mother of sorts two years ago through the adoption of two brothers (8weeks old at the time). Their names are Charlie and Eddie; two Bishon Poos.

Eddie is the one on the left and Charlie is on the right side. They are both very disarming and highly intelligent. Now Charlie is very mischievous, has a very curious nature and is the wanna be alpha dog    (or so he thinks), over Eddie. Eddie is shy and totally a mamas boy. To him, I am the center of his world. He follows me from room to room and keeps me in site from the time he awakens, until he's put to bed.
My boys are smart, totally house broken in less than 2 weeks. Their understanding of the human language has increased to 56 words. Skeptical??? According to animal planet, " It turns out that the language comprehension of some dogs rivals that of apes and parrots, not to mention the average 3-year-old." McGrath, Jane.  "How many words do dogs understand?"  14 April 2008. <>  31 October 2012. Like I said, they are smart! These are some of the words that they respond to without fail are: commercial is on, bye bye, who wants to go outside, go get mama's shoes, go get your toy, go get your brother (only Eddie responds to this...he will take off running to find his brother and brings him back every time), bath time, and go to your room (they get in their kennel crate). They know when it's time to go outside, when its snack time, meal time and bedtime. If I forget the time, especially bedtime (9pm), both boys will come to get me. Last night I was busy typing away on a research paper and forgot to put them to bed. Charlie jumped in my lap and put his left paw to my cheek as he whined. I responded, "bedtime," and they replied by leaping up and down to be picked up and carried by mom to bed. Yeah I have a good life, I love my 2 poo's, my butt looks good in jeans, and I am the alpha mom in my house.


  1. so much fun!

    my vic follows me everywhere, too

    if i'm gone for hours on chores, or two minutes taking the garbage out, he's equally happy on my return, whining, wagging his tail and butt, licking at my hands...